Baby Nails Standard Pack Nail Files (New Baby)


Baby Nails is a hands-free way to keep your little one's delicate nails neat and trim. Just perfect to use when breast or bottle feeding your baby.


Slip the soft 'Thumble' onto your thumb with one of the included nail-files firmly attached and waggle away. Using just your thumb you can still use both hands to hold your baby keeping them happy and relaxed.


Invented out of necessity for our own baby we hope this product will help to keep your baby's nails smooth and short and reduce the need to put scratch mittens on your baby. 


The Baby Nails Standard Pack (New Baby) comes in a clear pouch for storage along with the 'Thumble' and 3 sticks of 5 Snap-Off nailfiles (15 disposable nailfiles in total).

Just snap-off a nailfile, peel off the backing and firmly stick it to the Thumble. Then simply slip the Thumble onto your thumb and waggle away filing your babies nails.

# PS: We won't tell anybody if you use our product to keep your nails looking nice and trim too!