Baby Nails

Hands-Free Baby Nail Care


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Are you struggling with your baby's nails?

We did too, so we came up with a way to make the task as safe and as easy as possible.

Baby Nails, the easy hands-free solution for your baby's nail care.

We offer a ‘new baby’ (birth to 6 months) and a ‘6 months plus’ nail-file to be used with our Thumble™.

Our nail file age ranges are only a suggestion. Our ‘new baby’ nail file grit is the softest (stage one), then moving to a medium grit for our ‘6 months plus’ file (stage two). Being only a recommendation, you may find that one grit suits your baby’s nails better despite their age.

Both our large mixed pack and standard packs come with a Thumble™ and our snap-off nail files. You can also purchase replacement packs for both our ‘new baby’ and ‘6 months plus’ nail files separately.