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Our Story

Just What I Need Design Ltd, is a family run business, a family of four (Mummy, Daddy and two small children) who live in Stamford, Lincolnshire. Our aim is to bring unique products to the market that make every day parenting jobs a little easier and less stressful.   

The idea for Baby Nails came about not long after the birth of our little boy in 2013. Babies nails grow so fast and can become very sharp and ragged. Keeping their nails short and smooth is very important to stop them scratching themselves and you. Our son wriggled a lot so we feared using baby nail clippers on his tiny fingers and toe nails. It became a stressful two-person task just to trim his nails.

Whilst sat breastfeeding one day, I thought that this would be an ideal time to file his long nails. He often fed for long periods and this was also a time when he was calm and relaxed. On attempting to cradle him to feed and hold onto a traditional nail file at the same time, I soon realised that this was not going to be possible. What I really needed was a nail file that I didn’t have to hold, something perhaps that I could place over my thumb still leaving my hands free to care for our son.

The idea for our Thumble® was born and we launched Baby Nails in October 2015. We are the only wearable baby nail file on the market and our multi-award winning Thumble® has become much loved by parents from around the world. Our testimonials and awards give you an insight into how much our product is helping others.