Baby Nails Mixed Pack Hands-Free Nail Files Shipping Worldwide

Mark Saker

Hi Baby Nails customers and friends!

We have had a lot of feedback from people asking for us to make up a mixed version of the Baby Nails Standard Pack, so we have! 

You can now order the Baby Nails Standard Pack (Mixed) Hands-Free Baby Nail Care for £5.99 + £1.49 delivery from our website at or you can find us on Amazon as well. Not in the UK? Don't worry, It's only a flat rate £3.49 delivery to the rest of the world.

Inside you will get the Patent Pending 'Thumble' along with three disposable adhesive new baby nail files, four of the 3mth+ nail files and three of the 6mth+ nail files. All which are to be used with the 'Thumble' to file your babies nails hands-free in a relaxed manner however you choose.

There are still some 5% discount codes left to be used with the code 'STARTER5' via our website. Remember the Baby Nails Bumper Pack for £9.99 comes with the 'Thumble', seventy disposable nail files and free delivery (in the UK), hopefully enough to get you through a baby's first year!

Thanks a lot everybody


Mark, Rebecca and Emmett


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