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Launch Day

Well this is it folks. The launch of Baby Nails! The website is complete, the product has been manufactured, the delivery logistics are in the bag so to speak, now it's just a case of getting the word out.

We need everybody's help to make this venture a success. We've setup a Facebook page (Baby Nails) and Twitter (@babynailcare) account for marketing, we also have an Amazon merchant account ready to start selling shortly. If anybody has any marketing ideas we'd love to hear from you. We really hope that this product will not only make enough money so we can present our next product to you but also that it actually helps people with a problem that we found as new parents - keeping those nails neat and trim and stop those nasty scratches to your baby, and of course us parents too!

Fingers and all toes crossed

Mark, Rebecca and of course our inspiration Emmett xx

PS: To celebrate the launch of Baby Nails we're offering a 5% discount on the first 500 orders using the discount code STARTER5



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